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General Terms of Service

TAXC - TAXC Limited, Tax Consult Ltd, TaxC , NWMSAG and all subsidiaries entities, official representatives and their staff.

Client - BC (beneficiary) - the owner or co-owner of a legal entity incorporated under the laws of Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, CIS Countries, EU or other country authorized representative, requesting TAXC service delivery to the owner or representative.

The Citizens and Residents of USA and UK their affiliates does not allowed to be the Client of TAXC or purchase any service offered by TAXC.

Beneficiary of the Company (BC) - a physical person who, directly or indirectly through his duly authorized representative, or a professional mediator, counselor, lawyer, attorney, auditor, accountant requests TAXC register or purchase a legal entity under the laws of Federation, Ukraine, EU or any other country, and / or provide services according to a public offering or in a contract, and the person known TAXC, intermediary or third party service provider, as BC (beneficiary) a) - a person owned or controlled, directly or indirectly controls are at least 25 percent of the primary capital or the total number of shares with voting rights Customer - legal person or who otherwise controls the activities of the Customer - a legal entity, b) - a person who, directly or indirectly, the right to property, or under direct or indirect control of which are at least 25 percent Enterprise Client - a legal entity that is not a merchant. BC institution is a person or group of persons to whom the established institution. c) - the person to or for whom to establish business relations, d) - the person to or for the benefit of which is a separate transaction without establishing a business relationship;

The Designated Person - in writing and submitted to the designated person for the client TAXC of specific questions about the client.

Person - the physical or legal, who under the law of a permanent location is not limited to the right to purchase, ordering and use of the services TAXC.

Professional Intermediaries - lawyers, accountants, auditors, investment advisors, trustees and other similar entity.

Services - mean, but are not limited to, the registration of a legal entity, the management of a legal entity, permits and licenses, services registered agent, secretary, accounting, lawyer, jurist, attorney, and in some countries, nominee directors or shareholders, trustees, presentation to the bank and assistance in opening an account for a legal entity, consulting and other similar services provided TAXC client company.

Payment - the payment of the invoice (invoice) TAXC means that the Customer agrees to these Terms of Service TAXC, Documents, procedures for handling and service fees TAXC, also noted the invoice (invoice) in the short form, understand the data contained in the documents position and agree with them.

Information about the customer and the company - private and confidential

TAXC compliance staff with all requirements imposed by law, which include ensuring the confidentiality of customer data and transactions carried out by them. In a broader sense, a professional approach and strict adherence to the principles of confidentiality in the handling of personal customer information and data on their operations - responsible use, storage and confidentiality.

Information about customers and their transactions TAXC available only to those employees whose duties include direct customer service, process or control transactions. Customer data may be disclosed to third parties only if the client and TAXC agree, or in accordance with regulatory enactments. TAXC staff were trained and know the requirements TAXC to ensure privacy of customers and transactions.

TAXC provides and makes sure that its employees are not only not to disclose confidential information, but does not allow information to be disclosed as a result of intentional or unintentional actions (inaction) of employees or because of the lack of security of information systems. Employees TAXC behave decently at all levels of activity and in all their actions looking to protect the information, its proper use, handling and storage, keeping the requirements of internal regulations TAXC, governing the classification and use of such information.

Clients obligations

1. The Client is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits independent, tax advice, management, and other legal issues regarding the client's company or of the services provided to the client TAXC and all cases the client in any jurisdiction where the customer is a citizen or resident, and jurisdiction of incorporation or business. TAXC may represent a client specialist for data maintenance issues, but TAXC not obligated to provide tax advice, management, and other legal issues in relation to the client company, and is not responsible for the professional advice provided by experts, presented to the client.

2. The Client must provide to TAXC signed order form and return BC, including all information on clients of the data form and return. As well, if possible, the customer must provide any other information required by banks, brokers or other third parties that are involved in the provision of services of the company or the client in Ukraine and other countries.

3. The Client must ensure TAXC providing correct contact information and guidance on issues related to the company or the customer service requested by the customer. This includes, but is not limited to, information about the details of the transaction TAXC, providing copies of contracts and agreements, as well as any actions the company or client, which can lead to unwanted or legal consequences. TAXC not responsible for damages caused by incorrect information provided by the customer.

4. The Client agrees not to involve the company in any activity contrary to the law of the jurisdiction in which the activity is conducted, or where the customer is a resident and / or taxpayer. Customer understands and acknowledges that it alone is responsible for determining whether such activities are legal or not, and that TAXC not responsible for the illegal actions taken by the customer or the company.

5. The Client r is responsible for all financial obligations of the company and recognizes that TAXC not responsible for the financial obligations of the client.

6. The Client indemnify TAXC, Affiliates, Directors, Employees and Agents from and against any and all claims, liabilities, obligations (including payment of the judgment) related to the performance of these conditions and the services provided to the client or the client company.

7. The Client undertakes to inform of any changes to such information and documents as well as informed and agrees that TAXC right to verify the reliability of customer information and data. In case that TAXC, that the information provided is incomplete or inaccurate, it is sufficient grounds for denial of service and termination of service to the customer.

8. Before establishing a business relationship and become a Client of TAXC its required all Customers information and documents describing the client, its business or occupation of the people associated with the client, including the BC, as well as other necessary information for TAXC the Service.

Charges and fees. Application of the terms of service

1. The Client agrees to pay all the negotiated and agreed upon fees for services provided TAXC upon receipt of invoice from TAXC and provided that the services have been provided to the client or the client's company through the payment to the bank account TAXC.

2. The Client agrees to pay TAXC by prepayments and by agreement between the Customer and TAXC, all amounts with respect to the client company. Notary services, courier services, government fees and charges, and the Customer acknowledges that TAXC not be liable for penalties and other liabilities levied on the client or the client's company ..

3. The Client is responsible for informing the client TAXC on decisions regarding the termination of the company or service TAXC client or customer. If such information was not provided on time, the customer is responsible for any resulting consequences.

4. In the event that the client made a late payment of invoices exposed him, TAXC may terminate the provision of services and to refuse further service to The Client without any compensation.

5. Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions) regulate the relationship between the Client and TAXC, apply from the time when TAXC on grounds of the Customer or a prisoner with TAXC Treaty opens provide services to clients. Since the start of the Service Conditions are the main document the business relationship.

6. Specified in the Terms and Conditions apply to the obligations of the Client Representative or Customer's authorized representative.

7. Conditions apply to all contracts entered into between the parties, to the extent to which the parties have agreed otherwise. In case of conflict between the text of the Agreement and shall be governed by the Agreement.

8. The Client is obliged to when establishing business relations, concluding with TAXC subsequent Treaties and using services available with the current version of the Terms.

9. Since the conclusion of the Agreement Statement under a separate service, the general conditions and prices (tariffs) for services are becoming one

Director, Nominee Shareholders and Registered Office

1. Nominee director, nominee shareholders, secretarial services, asset management company and the registered office (registered office) is an additional service and is not binding to the acquisition of customers and provide TAXC at registration (purchase) of a legal entity, and further maintenance of the legal entity . If the customer decides to nominate directors, shareholders, secretaries, managers - he must ensure the timely presence of a notary, a bank elsewhere if that is present is required under the laws of the country of registration, and to provide complete and accurate information necessary to identification of such persons.

2. Directors provided TAXC, must at all times consider the requirements of the customer to the customer or to the consumer or the client company services. However, the directors provided TAXC not require actions that may be inappropriate, illegal or unethical or according TAXC could damage the business reputation TAXC.

3. TAXC stops providing services directors TAXC provided upon written request. Payment of all necessary procedures relating to the termination of service of directors and changes to the state and other is according to the price lists for services TAXC.

4. Nominee shareholders provided TAXC, signed by the customer's choice gift certificate or Declaration of Trust solely in the name of BC, in respect of shares held in accordance with the law, this nominee shareholder services the company provides customer TAXC. Issuance of dedication or trust declaration for a natural person other than BC, or entity is not permitted.

5. TAXC or registered agent in the jurisdiction from time to time may hold shift the registered office, nominee director and nominee shareholder, which may also require a change of mailing address of the client. TAXC sends the client a notice of the holding of such a change as early as possible, but the client agrees that TAXC not responsible for the cost of the customer or client related

Denial of service obligations

TAXC not be liable to the customer, by the customer or other third party for any damages or losses incurred by the customer, by the customer or by any other person resulting from the use of the client or the provision of services TAXC client, of the client or any other person.

Right to termination of services

TAXC reserves the right at any time to refuse to provide or to stop providing their services to any of its clients and their companies, without notice and without notification of reasons and compensation to Client.

General provisions

1. All instructions and requests concerning the client of the client or the services provided TAXC client or customer, must be provided by the client TAXC in writing by sending a scanned copy of the signed instructions to the email TAXC then send the originals to the office TAXC, responsible for the execution of the instructions. If the responsible office is not defined - the original instructions to be sent to customers in the office TAXC, bred in Cyprus.

2. All the reports on the services provided TAXC client or the client company, shall be deemed received if were sent to the mailing address, email, phone or fax, provided by the client or by the client TAXC on day 5 after the transfer of the documents in the mail (courier) service or through 24 hours after the message is sent in electronic form or through a prompt delivery of SMS messages to the contact mobile number of the customer.

3. TAXC not be liable in the event that all or part of the instructions received from the client, or for the consequences of not getting the instructions for any reason.

4. These terms and conditions shall prevail over the decisions and agreements, written or oral, which believes client were made by him or his company with TAXC, and any changes to these terms will not be accepted without written confirmation TAXC.

5. TAXC released from its obligations in the event that the customer has violated compliance with these conditions, or if TAXC learns that the client company is or was used for other activities, in addition to the customer's application form - application (Order Form) or form a banking institution, or if the client has provided false or misleading information concerning any aspect of his company.

6. These terms and conditions shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with and laws of Switzerland and the disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions shall be governed by and settled in accordance with the arbitration laws of Switzerland, unless otherwise provided by a separate written agreement between the client and TAXC. The avoidance of doubt, the client and TAXC agree that the decision of the arbitral tribunal shall be valid for both. Lmm Truhnd AG (CH- authorized to represent TAXC in Switzerland courts for any issues.

7. The Client agrees to comply with and adhere to the general terms and conditions for the implementation of the financial and economic activities of the company, to familiarize themselves with the conditions of service of bank account on the official website of the bank, if requested in time TAXC, a bank or a licensed registrar any information necessary to comply KYC rules (Know His client) - if such requirements prescribed by the laws of the country of registration of the client or the country in which were located the bank that serves the client company. Failure to provide information to the client is the reason for termination of services to the Client.